Welcome to Wheeler McIvor & Associates Private Wealth Management. We are a team of financial professionals who are committed to guiding affluent Canadians toward their financial goals.

We use strategies designed to fit your unique needs—whether personal or business—and we work daily to anticipate your evolving financial life.

A key to your financial well-being is our ability to engage the right experts to meet those needs so you can benefit from as many financial opportunities as possible.

With 12+ years of experience, our team will help you build confidence in your future as we aim to protect and manage your wealth. Whether you are planning for retirement, have increasingly complex tax considerations, or are evaluating the best options to share your wealth, we will strive to ensure that each part of your financial picture is synchronized with the others.

We will achieve this through accountability, a specialized collaborative approach, and our commitment to provide a superb client experience. For you, this means more time to enjoy your life with the confidence that your financial affairs are in good hands.

Meet our team

Access to experts

IG’s planning professionals have the knowledge and experience to address even the most complex situations. The team comprises over 20 CPAs, lawyers and other tax, estate and investment-focused specialists coast to coast.

The Advanced Financial Planning team is led by the following individuals:

Regional financial specialists

Our team has access to specialists located in our region who provide additional portfolio insight and planning strategies to enhance your Living Plan, creating additional peace of mind for you and your family.

Regional Estate and Insurance Specialist,
I.G. Insurance Services Inc.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I work with a financial advisor?

    Financial planning is complex and it can be daunting to tackle it on your own when you have a lot of other things competing for your time. We ask the relevant questions, offer an objective perspective when it comes to making wealth-related decisions, and work with you to create a financial plan you can follow. We will be with you at every turn to adapt your plan as needed, and help ensure you are always well-positioned to reach your goals, regardless of changing priorities and market shifts.

  • What questions should I ask when choosing a financial advisor?

    How long has the advisor been in the business? What certifications, education and/or designations do they have? Do they have strong understanding of financial planning for both small businesses and personal planning? Do they focus on all aspects of wealth management, such as tax, accounting, succession and insurance-related issues, with easy access to a team of experts in those fields? Is their fee structure transparent?

  • What information will you need from me to create my comprehensive financial plan?

    We will start by discussing your current and future goals, followed by any initial concerns you may have. Next, to ensure we can provide a comprehensive plan, we will need current investment and bank account statements, insurance policies, and details on outstanding debts and monies owed, your most recent tax returns, a household budget (if you have prepared one) and plans for travel, large purchases, or helping children with education, home ownership or other pursuits.